xgriddedaxis: Cell Boundary-aware Operations with xarray

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xgriddedaxis is a Python package for managing/working with one-dimensional axes with their respective cell boundaries information. xgriddedaxis consumes and produces xarray data structures, which are coordinate and metadata-rich representations of multidimensional array data.

xgriddedaxis was motivated by the fact that xarray is not aware of cell boundary variables when performing operations such as resampling. The main objective of xgriddedaxis is to provide a set of utilities that enables fluid translation between data at different intervals while being aware of the cell boundary variables.

The fundamental concept in xgriddedaxis is a Remapper object. Remapper’s role includes:

  • Creating a source axis, i.e. the axis that your original data is on,
  • Creating a destination axis, i.e. the axis that you want to convert your data to,
  • Creating a Remapper object by passing the source and destination axis you created previously,
  • Finally, converting your data from the source axis to the destination axis, using the Remapper object you created in previous step.

For more information, read the full xgriddedaxis documentation.


xgriddedaxis can be installed from PyPI with pip:

python -m pip install xgriddedaxis

It is also available from conda-forge for conda installations:

conda install -c conda-forge xgriddedaxis


If you encounter any errors or problems with xgriddedaxis, please open an issue at the GitHub main repository.

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